Wonderloosawhistletunes blowing out of blue flutes

pipinghotcobaltcrowbars making love to mustaches

living under tophats tiptoeing mightily high

precarious mischief must there be occurences of under there met

shaded in circus verve  cyclists pumpingpumping churning grinding

pistolplaced handstamps attachedto

leversystembelts pulling tuggingrunning away into

another contraptionapparatus

millpresspowerpointed inall directionality

space calamities

untrussed and leaning into each otherdisturbingly, complication

stations in training for the next conjunction

conjugated conclusive charisma exploding into fireflies

against a blackness that is known and unknown completely

this sincerity i speak of absently as if unconscious equations

are ruling my swingarmcrank

heaving music into a whipfirecrack

action taken swiftly by time leaning into the future of what has already happened

splashing paint into places that need none to exist

but need a coat to live

breathing forces akin to all other breathforcebearing in on the moment of perfections

the last season to turn over leaflets of fall

coming sooner than tomorrowness’ssadness

only yellowjoygoldtrips cascading photonfacefusion

whiskerstingling in the radiating heatblossoms of



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