Sir Fredrick

On top is a hat with

a whip and a staff-

under is an orchestra

of anamalia at the whim

at front who sits

are the amused of eyes

a,gaze into the wonder of control,

precise is the taming

of ”shrewds,” succinctly

swooned by their own

scent of achievement


Look at such mastery of beast!

This master of breeds

capable of such deeds

as slicing flesh with the flick of a paw

or crush of weight with a toe afore

a hoof into death, a tooth into

skull -oozing brain into mouth

with a lick and a grin-

Oh how we win! We win!


For sweet is the sight of Fredrick

Sir Lion- led by the neck and

roped to a hand under a hat

topped with black


It’s the arena that roars when

Fredrick that speaks under

persuasions of quick leather

cracked upon his cheek

now sit [now stand]

now bow to hand and staff

and leather strand!


but wait,has happened-

is something wrong? Sir

Fredrick growls and low

gnarls his teeth hushing

the crowd as head with

hat and leather strap hasn’t

the spine of seconds back






Sir Fredrick enough has had

and turns the tables of this affair

and narrows his eyes at hair

under hat as if to say

taking I is that


and then with revenge

and wild, Sir Fredrick did

just as said and leapt himself

on hat and head dislodging scalp

from skull and stood proud

once- and more, as now

the hat lay bloodied and torn

promptly resting asunder

upon Sir Fredrick’s performance floor


Who knew that pride left of room

made the sound of a gasping

vacuum, sucking screams through

the neck of panic and howl -all

as frightened feet

consume under shoe

including anyone whose

unfortunate occurrence has found

a place closer to door than who

they that sat so amused

,at Such a show! Such an

orchestra of control!


of achievement smelling rich!

with precision and boosting of

accuracy unknown )with a whip

under a hat topped with black

now bloodied asunder upon

stage skull under


while tooth upon hangs

the scalp once proud the perch

of black top hat


Alas, Sir Fredrick takes his bow-

and with a lick and a grin

growls his mightiest growl

while the shouts crowded within

scream, “You win! You win!”